107IST Awards Second Round of Micro-grants

26 Jun 2020 10:00 AM | Sherrilynn Rawson (Administrator)

The 107 Independent Supporters Trust and Community Outreach Committee are pleased to announce the award of an additional $10,435 in micro-grants to community organizations. These funds are being dispersed to 22 organizations who are all working to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 on individuals in our local communities. For many people, these organizations represent a lifeline, including access to food, utility payments, housing, technology, healthcare, translation services, job services, or other necessities. They also represent access to experiences like soccer, summer camp, books, and the arts. We are pleased to award this money, and encourage you to amplify our impact by visiting, learning, and sharing information about these organizations. Some organizations are large and established, others are newer to the scene, but all are doing remarkable work.

This second round of grants includes funding for the following organizations: Boise-Eliot/Humboldt PTA, Q Center, Woodlawn Farmers Market, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Camp ELSO, Black Resilience Fund, Portland Community Football Club, Northwest United Women’s Soccer Inc, Harmony Event Medicine, In4All, Girls Inc of the Pacific Northwest, Oregon Food Bank, Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets, and the Portland Chapter of the Alliance of the Guardian Angels.  We were also able to provide additional awards to several groups that were partially funded during the first round of funding: Y.O.U.th (Youth Organized and United to help), Write Around Portland, Rosehip Medic Collective, JOIN PDX, Friendly House, Equitable Giving Circle, Howard’s Heart, and Grow Portland. 

We encourage everyone to check out the fantastic work being done by these groups. If you have time or resources to donate, many of them have asked specifically for volunteers, dollars, and in-kind donations. You can find those needs on our community giving pages: timbersarmy.org/org-needs and rosecityriveters.org/caring. These sites will continue to be updated if we receive additional requests. 

As we all know, our greatest asset as an organization is our dedicated and caring membership. If you wish to help with outreach efforts such as donation drives or group volunteer opportunities, please contact rachel@rosecityriveters.org. We’d love to hear your ideas or connect you with ways to help. Thank you for supporting this work.

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