Questions for the Front Office? A new tool to ask them!

03 Aug 2020 6:58 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

The 107ist is seeking additional member input for topics we discuss with the Timbers and Thorns Front Office. The board meets with the Front Office (FO) the second Tuesday of each month, barring any scheduling issues. Past discussions and topics can be found here or by reaching out to the board via email. We are working to do a better job of communicating the topics in our weekly newsletters after the meeting, too.

During these meetings, both the FO and the board bring topics to the table. The board is generating topics throughout the month, based on committee meetings or what we are seeing other teams or leagues doing (or not doing).

To make it easier to ask questions, we have created a new form form for members to solicit questions or feedback to the FO. This form is exclusive to members and we are asking for your contact information so we can close the communications loop with you.

If you are not a member and have a question for the FO, please email and we will work to get answers.

The 107ist board & committees are working to better represent our members, non-members, and all PTFC supporters. Your input is important and we hope you share your perspective with us. 

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