• 21 Mar 2018 10:00 AM | Sherrilynn Rawson (Administrator)

    Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Vancouver, B.C. — The representatives of the Cascadia Cup Council in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver have jointly agreed that the results of the following regular season matches will count toward awarding of the Cascadia Cup in 2018:

    • Saturday, June 30th, Sounders v Timbers
    • Saturday, July 21st, Sounders v Whitecaps
    • Saturday, August 11th, Timbers v Whitecaps
    • Sunday, August 26th, Timbers v Sounders
    • Saturday, September 15th, Whitecaps v Sounders
    • Sunday, October 28th, Whitecaps v Timbers

    As in past years, the Cascadia Cup rules and tiebreakers for these six matches are as follows:

    • 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw
    • The team with the most points after all six Cascadia Cup matches is the winner

    Tiebreakers are, in order:

    • Greater number of points earned in matches between the teams concerned
    • Greater goal difference in matches between the teams concerned
    • Greater number of goals scored in matches between the teams concerned
    • Re-apply first three criteria if two or more teams are still tied
    • Greater goal difference in all cup matches
    • Greater number of goals scored in all cup matches
    • Smaller number of disciplinary points in all cup matches (yellow = 1 point, red = 2 points)

    The result of the Sunday, May 13th match between the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders will not be considered toward awarding the Cascadia Cup.

    The Cascadia Cup Council regrets that Major League Soccer made this decision necessary by scheduling an unbalanced number of matches among the three teams. Supporters of all three Cascadia Cup teams prefer a balanced schedule going forward, meaning that making such determinations would not be required.

    About the Cascadia Cup Council: The Cascadia Cup Council is a recognized not-for-profit entrusted with the management of the Cascadia Cup. The Council is made up of one representative from each of the three founding Cascadia Cup supporters groups. The current Cascadia Cup Council representatives are:

    • Fernando Machicado - Timbers Army
    • Heather Satterberg - Emerald City Supporters
    • Peter Czimmermann - Vancouver Southsiders.

  • 20 Mar 2018 11:24 AM | Stephan Lewis (Administrator)

    It was a beautiful spring morning this past Saturday as we joined our longstanding partners at Friends of Trees to plant 220 trees across the Arbor Lodge, Kenton, Portsmouth, and Overlook neighborhoods of North Portland.  While we had a handful of first time volunteers that are just getting stuck in (including some wee ones), there were many familiar faces that it was great to see and catch up with after the long off-season as we got dirty together in service to our community. 

    Our relationship with Friends of Trees has existed for a decade now and has grown and evolved over that time.  Over their 29 years of service, they’ve grown in strength and effectiveness, and have a volunteer workforce that rivals any in the region.  As many of the things we do, this relationship started with a member who was involved with both organizations that wanted to bring in a group of us to have some fun and do some good.  Now, they know to call on us when they need help and we will answer the call with our spirit and vigor to help them accomplish their mission when they’re most in need.  As the tree planting season nears completion, we’ll raise a pint to solute the great work Friends of Trees does and our honor to be their partner. We’ll look forward to celebrating their 30th year once the soccer seasons come to a close.  You'll be invited to the party. 

    Just as this relationship started with a member doing great things wanted to fold us in, you too can grow what we have.  As a member of the 107ist who cares about our mission in the community, we rely on people like you to be our eyes on the street, our boots on the ground, our drum beat echoing through our community far and wide.  If you see something, learn of something, care about something deeply, raise the flag and let us know how we may be able to help.  That’s how we do what we do, how we’ve become the organization we are, and how we’ll grow into the future.

    Let’s do this, Portland.

  • 12 Mar 2018 8:30 PM | Dale Montgomery (Administrator)

    Do you love soccer? Do you love the Timbers and Thorns? Do you want to play but you've either never played or haven’t played in a long time?  Well, we at Timbers Army Football Club (TAFC) are developing a league for you! TAFC is in the beginning stages of creating a Recreational 7v7 Adult COED soccer league.  Playing the game is the best way to learn about it.  We are gauging interest at this point.  This league would be starting the Fall season 2018.  The league would be open to all skill and experience levels with an emphasis on player development of individuals who have never played or haven’t played in a long time
    Our hope is to start with a field of 4-8 teams.  We have talked with the Eastside Timbers Academy to hold our games on early Sunday evenings at their brand new state of the art facility at SE 174th just south of Powell.  This facility has 3 full size soccer fields. The field surface is composed of brand new field turf.  Eventually this facility will have a clubhouse with food, drink and futsal courts

    Referee development will also be one of our objectives.  We will financially support individuals who want to take the beginning referee class.  These games will be a great way for these new referees to practice their craft in a safe non-judgmental environment.
    In case you haven’t heard, TAFC is an official Oregon Adult Soccer Association (OASA) league with our own referee schedulers.  Subsequently, all players will need to obtain an OASA player card to play in this league. 
    Advance players are also welcome as long as they buy into helping their less advanced teammates develop.  If you’re looking to build a super team that dominates every game, you are NOT welcome to join this league.  Sportsmanship, teamwork, comradery and community are the pillars of this league.  If this interests you, please fill out the following survey:

    We will are working hard to make this league affordable for everyone. 

    Contact Dale Montgomery from Timbers Army FC with any questions. soccerdad.tafc@icloud.com.  Please share with anyone who be interested regardless of their affiliation with TAFC or the 107ist.

  • 04 Mar 2018 12:28 PM | Ray Terrill (Administrator)

    For those that aren't aware, Timbers Army FC (TAFC) is the arm of 107ist that provides opportunities for roughly 600 individuals to play soccer and futsal in leagues throughout Portland, and it's been my primary focus for the last year or so.

    Today marks a new milestone for TAFC. Previously, all of our teams have participated in leagues run by other organizations throughout Portland. Today, teams are playing in the first matches in the brand new, fully OASA/US Soccer sanctioned Timbers Army FC league.

    We're starting things off with a 12 team men's league, with all matches taking place at Jefferson High School in Northeast Portland. As things progress, we're looking to potentially expand to offer other league options as well (our major limiting factor at this point is field space - if you have an "in" on field space at a reasonable price *PLEASE* hit me up).

    This has been years in the making, and *A LOT* of behind-the-scenes work to bring this thing to fruition. Want to send a huge shout out to Scott Swearingen and Bill Packwood for their previous work on TAFC to get us to this point, Clifford Eiffler for helping with scheduling and other critical back-end pieces, Richard Sheals and Rachel Harrison for helping with the financial and putting up with my constant need to tweak that side of things, my co-chair Dawn Bauman for helping me concentrate on this effort to get things in place for today, and all of the TAFC teams for playing with TAFC.


  • 01 Mar 2018 5:00 PM | Sherrilynn Rawson (Administrator)

    It's (FINALLY) almost opening weekend, and Timbers Army folks around the globe will be watching as the Timbers take on the Los Angeles Galaxy in Carson, CA this Sunday night at 7pm PST. If you're in the Portland area, we encourage you to go to the Timbers Army watch party at Spirit of 77 in Portland from 6-10pm, where the No Pity Van will also be making an appearance. But that's not the only place to catch the game with fellow TA.

    Here's a partial list of watch parties around the country and beyond, along with the associated regional supporter groups. I'll keep adding to the list as I gather more watch party info from around the country and beyond. (If your regional supporter group has a place secured to watch the game, drop me an email or hit me up on Twitter and I'll add it to the list.)

    United States





    New York



    Other countries


    If I missed a spot, please hit me up in the comments, drop me an email or hit me up on Twitter and I'll add it to the list.


  • 28 Feb 2018 6:51 PM | Ray Terrill (Administrator)

    I recently picked up the new book "Superfans", by George Dohrmann, at the suggestion of a member of the TA family. While I'm still reading the book, I couldn't help but jump ahead and read the chapters about Nevets and Timber Jim.

    The Nevets story is fascinating, and as Finn said on the Twitters, should be required reading for any Timbers Army member since it lays out what is basically the birth of the Timbers Army. I've gathered a fair amount of the backstory organically over the years, and I still learned about 20 new things from this chapter. The Timber Jim story is incredible as well. I've heard the story many times, and it still brings tears to my eyes every time. Love you Jim.

    At the recent 107ist Board "retreat" (a nice term for an all-day meeting) a few weeks ago, a lot of talk revolved around culture - The 107IST's role in sustaining/supporting supporter culture, Timbers Army and Riveters culture, etc.

    With the stadium expansion and 2nd NWSL Championship, we're likely to see another major influx of new fans into the North End just like we saw with the move to MLS, the MLS Cup win, and the 1st NWSL Championship.

    • As supporters - What do we want our culture to be?
    • Who's going to help bring that culture to fruition?
    • What is the role of the 107ist in sustaining and supporting supporter culture?

    There's an old saying "You don't know where you're going until you know where you've been". Know your history.

    *As soon as I'm done with it, my copy of "Superfans" will be at the Booked library at the Fanladen if you want to borrow it. See you on the terraces.

    Updated: Link to the book if you'd like to buy yourself a copy. http://a.co/933OSwT

  • 24 Feb 2018 6:37 PM | Ray Terrill (Administrator)

    If you're reading this article, you're likely quite familiar with the incredible (and in my humble opinion, unparalleled) match day atmosphere with the Rose City Riveters and Timbers Army. But many longtime supporters and community members still aren't very familiar with the extraordinary work the 107ist does in our community year after year.

    We've not done a great job sharing the work we're doing - and we're looking to change that.

    This year, you'll see from us a primary focus on Telling Our Story.

    For 107ist, we'll be focusing on documenting and sharing the work we're doing in the community. And from Timbers Army and Rose City Riveters, it'll be focused on the match day atmosphere.

    Both in the stands and in the community, our members GET STUCK IN. And we're looking forward to sharing their incredible work with you this year. #RCTID #BAONPDX #GETSTUCKIN

  • 21 Feb 2018 2:00 PM | Sherrilynn Rawson (Administrator)

    --by Southland Irregulars

    We are honored to say we are participating in a “Books & Bucks” Drive to benefit the libraries of Leapwood Avenue Elementary in Carson, and Children’s Hospital L.A.

    If you donate a book from this list or this list at our tailgate, it will be used for the school library at Leapwood Avenue Elementary near the stadium. Their library sorely needs refreshing, and this is an opportunity for that to not only happen, but also be the cornerstone for use at a new garden space/outdoor classroom.

    If you make a monetary donation at the tailgate, it will be utilized for the Literally Healing Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, which uses books as gifts for patients and their families to provide them with a source of entertainment and education during their recovery. This program gifts over 42,000 free brand new books to patients and their siblings every year. These monetary donations are suited for the hospital due to limited space to hold books and the flexibility to make “on-demand” book purchases based on need of patients.

    We are also honored to be raffling off to those who donate at the tailgate a “You Are Loved” scarf, autographed by our own MVP, Diego Valeri. Each book donated, or each monetary donation in increments of $10, will receive a raffle ticket. The draw will take place prior to our entry into the stadium.

    If you are outside of the area, or unable to make it to the tailgate, you can still participate in the drive.

    Please ship books for Leapwood Ave Elementary to:

    Timbers Army Drive
    c/o LA Galaxy Foundation
    18400 Avalon Blvd., Suite 200
    Carson, CA 90746

    Monetary Donations for the Literally Healing Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles may be made here. Enter Timbers Army in the “reference” section of the form.


  • 18 Feb 2018 9:27 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)


    Photo by Darren Lloyd

    Thanks to the members who came out to the Mission Theater for the 2018 107IST Annual General Meeting! Special thanks to board members Gabby Rosas and Drew Picard for organizing our Q&A and breakout discussion sessions this time, having learned how from our hired consultants last year.

    As we do every year at this event, each committee shared their accomplishments from the previous season, plans for the current season, and current volunteer needs.

    Here you can view some of last year's accomplishments in infographic form. As you can see, it was another great year.  Click the image to view a larger version. You can also download the 107IST 2017 infographic as a PDF.

    Infographic by Lindsey Moore

    Once again we had the Cascadia Cup in the house for photo ops (shout out to Darren and Ray for the photo station), and thanks to the Thorns Front Office, the 2017 NWSL Championship trophy also made an appearance. :)


    Photo by Darren Lloyd

    For those who weren't able to attend or who would like to look through the slides again, you can view or download the AGM presentation slides and notes as a PDF. Note that some sensitive financial data has been removed from this download, but the info is freely available to members by arrangement with the Treasurer

    This year, at our February board meeting, we also ran our first one-hour Virtual AGM for members outside of the Portland area. We recorded it so that those of you who were unable to attend either event can still watch:

    Volunteer Signup Forms

    Across the organization, we need all types of volunteers at all skill levels. Please read both the presentation slides and the following signup forms for details about the types of new members each committee is looking for. Committee chairs will be getting back to applicants within the next few weeks.

    If you're looking to be notified of one-off volunteer opportunities rather than applying to join a standing committee, visit our Volunteer Opt-In Page.

    We're looking forward to another great year!

  • 14 Feb 2018 9:40 AM | Scott Jeffries (Administrator)

    Ever since that first magical Saturday at Rose City Futsal where 107ist paid for kids from the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) to play, we have dreamed of something greater: of seeing them play not on a court, not just amongst themselves, but in the green and gold at Providence Park.

    This past Saturday, that dream came just a little bit closer to fruition. Using a small portion of the funds raised from Diego Valeri’s Lanus jersey raffle, the Timbers Army/107ist rented the beautiful new turf field at Lents Park for the kids on an unseasonably sunny afternoon. Timbers fan and Washington Timbers coach Reece Scragg lent his time to run the show, putting the kids through training drills before setting them loose on a full-field scrimmage. Most significantly, in attendance were Larry Sunderland, Timbers youth director, and Matt Dacey, US Soccer scout.

    Larry Sunderland, Timbers youth director, and Matt Dacey, US Soccer scout, talk with Omar Omar of IRCO

    IRCO youth run through training drills led by coach Reece Scragg under the watchful eye of Larry Sunderland and Matt Dacey

    While it might be ambitious to expect a kid to get plucked straight from the city park into the Timbers system, we made some important connections and laid the groundwork for a longer-term vision of channeling our immigrant and refugee neighbors into youth soccer and, hopefully, to the Timbers academy. These kids arrive here with so much talent but face so many barriers, from being able to speak the language to navigating the complex club networks, filling out applications, and paying fees. We aim to establish a relationship with IRCO and some of the Timbers-affiliated club teams like Eastside and Washington Timbers. We will get them into official academy tryouts. We will help pay their expenses with the Gisele Currier Scholarship Fund. We’re even looking to build them their own futsal court on IRCO property, but that’s a blog post for another time.

    Do you remember Handwalla Bwana, the 18-year-old phenom who scored the winning goal for S****le against us this preseason? His cousin works for IRCO and has told me all about him. Bwana was a refugee from Kenya. Spending six years in a refugee camp, he could do little else but kick a ball made from wadded-up socks or whatever else he could find. After his family was resettled in the fishing village up north, he was playing by himself in a park one day when a parent spotted him. Immediately seeing his talent, he asked him if he played for a youth team, which he did not. After speaking to his parents, this person paid for him to play on his kid’s team, then later for a competitive traveling team. He was recruited by the University of Washington, then signed as a homegrown player. All it took was one person seeing him play and giving him an opportunity. To be honest, I couldn’t be mad when Handwalla scored. That was a great moment for him and a realization for me of just how attainable this is.

    For these immigrant youth who arrive in a new country with unfamiliar customs and a language most of them don't fully understand, it can be hard to find your way, to feel a part of a larger community. If there's one thing that can connect them to this city, it's our shared love of soccer. And I remain fully convinced that one day, a Timber will take the field who played as a child on a field that 107ist built or rented, wearing equipment that 107ist donated, having played for a youth team 107ist paid for. The Timbers Army coming together to help newcomers to our city play soccer with the ultimate goal of playing for the Timbers. I can think of no better example of "Team, Town, TA" than this. And we're just getting started.

    IRCO kids in open play

    IRCO kids track down a ball in open play

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