Visiting Fans' Guide to Portland

Portlanders are as proud of their city as they are their soccer club, and the Timbers Army is excited to host the traveling supporters of other MLS clubs.

From beer and bands to bikes and bridges, Portland has something to offer any visitor – and that’s without even exploring outside the Rose City to the mountains, gorge, high desert, or coastline. Please enjoy our Rose City, home of tattooed hipsters, food carts, and the Portland Timbers Football Club. We hope that you can have a memorable visit and have great stories to share with your friends back home about Portlandia.

The information that we are providing includes favorites of Timbers Army members, but you should know that this city has endless activities and it was really hard for us to narrow it down. Besides a few hot spots we couldn’t leave out, most of the links we’ve provided are in NW Portland where the Timbers’ stadium, Providence Park, is located.

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