Where to Buy a No Pity Scarf

This is (by far) our most frequently asked question...

"Where can I buy a No Pity scarf?"

It's easier than you think, but also not as easy as we'd all like it to be.

Your best bet is to follow the No Pity Van's Twitter account (yes, it's a van with an online presence). You'll always have the latest info on the whereabouts of the Timbers Army's official merch-slingin' operation on wheels. Before and after all home matches the van is typically parked at our warehouse on SW 17th just north of Alder (kitty-corner from the Fanladen).

These days we do also sell No Pity scarves online! For a long time we preferred to maintain our old-school merchandising method for this particular item, always delivering them face-to-face—reflecting both our DIY roots and the personal connection you make as you join the Timbers Army. Nowadays you can also purchase them at nopityoriginals.com and have them shipped.

During the December holiday season, we also hold an annual two-day Green Weekend sale at the Fanladen where No Pity scarves and other merchandise are sold. Check our events calendar during each offseason for exact dates.

You should keep the following in mind when looking to buy a No Pity scarf:

  1. No Pity scarves are hot commodities. They don't stay on the shelf for very long. The TA merch crew does their best to keep them in stock, but sometimes that can be difficult. Following the aforementioned Twitter account will help you plan ahead for your purchase.
  2. The 107IST (the machine behind the Timbers Army) is a non-profit operation. All regular fringe No Pity scarves are sold at cost ($10). If you buy one on eBay, you run a great risk of getting ripped off.
  3. Despite being awesome, the No Pity Van still needs occasional maintenance. It doesn't have a reliable 24/7 mechanic or repair budget like vans belonging to The A-Team or the Scooby-Doo Gang. If something happens to the merch van, it may take some time to get it back on the road.

Our dream is for every Timbers fan to own a No Pity scarf. But like most dreams, they take time and effort to become a reality. So if you stumble across the TA merch van and have an opportunity to buy a No Pity scarf right there, don't delay!

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