107IST Community Outreach Review 2011

Being a member of the 107IST means a lot: as a member you support amazing game-day experiences — from the creation and execution of outstanding tifo to providing the best away-day experience for traveling members. As a member, you also receive exclusive discounts at a host of local businesses, as well as access to members-only events.

But being a member of the 107IST means so much more: It also means giving back to your community.

What an amazing year 2011 has been! As the Portland Timbers made their leap to MLS, 2011 was also as a year for 107IST members to take great strides in community outreach, both in Portland and beyond.

Here are some of the highlights of 107ist charities and community volunteer efforts supported in 2011, thanks to the generous financial and volunteer support of 107IST members:

Charitable donations

Harpers Playground – $20,375

The 107IST supported fundraising for the construction of Harper’s Playground, an inclusive, accessible playground to be built in North Portland’s Arbor Lodge Park. This includes money raised by the sale of the “Everyone Plays: scarves — $14,800 that the Timbers Army sold directly, as well as “Everyone Plays” scarf sales that the Harper’s Playground organization sold.

Local area HS soccer programs – $10,354.50
The 107IST supported boys’ and girls’ high school soccer programs in the Portland Public Schools through the purchase of uniforms, equipment, equipment bags and warm-ups. This includes $1,689.50 for Jefferson High School (an initial outlay for equipment and uniforms for Jefferson was donated in 2010); $4,508 for Madison High School; and $4,157 for Franklin High School.

Gisele Currier Memorial Fund and Individual Scholarships – $2,690.94
The 107IST supported the foundation of a soccer scholarship fund in memory of Gisele Currier, a beloved longtime member of the Timbers Army who passed away earlier this year.This includes $2,290.94 to support the Gisele Currier Memorial Fund, as well as $400 individual hardship scholarships for local youth club soccer players. This year the Gisele Currier Memorial Fund supported Issa Hassan, as well as Alex Segovia and Rubio Mendez-Rubin.

Jim Serrill – $2,000.00
The 107IST supported the sale of fundraising scarves to help defray initial expenses for “Timber Jim” Serrill, who faced surgery in a successful battle with cancer earlier this year.

Operation Pitch Invasion – $2,000.00
The 107IST supported the launch of Operation Pitch Invasion, the organization that grew out of the 107IST to support the restoration and maintenance of soccer fields in and around Portland schools and parks. (See the Volunteering section below for more information)

Meadowood Springs Speech and Hearing Camp – $1,500.00
The 107IST supported the Meadowood Springs Speech and Hearing Camp, a camp that combines communication therapy with relaxing camp activities for children with speech and hearing challenges. This money was raised by capos and the drum & trumpet corps, who asked folks to take the money that would have gone toward buying pints for the capo, drum and trumpet crew and instead donating the money to support Meadowood Springs.

Other charitable contributions – $1,054.69
The 107IST supported a variety of smaller projects with soccer equipment, including e.g. soccer socks and Timbers Army pinnies, which went to a variety of soccer endeavors both close to home and abroad (including Voz Workers’ Rights Portland soccer, Kateri Park soccer for refugee children, the Powell Park summer soccer program, the Grant Park futsal tournament, and the Haitian National soccer team).


Friends of Trees
On February 12th, 107IST members spent the day planting trees in Boise, Eliot, King and Humboldt locations in Portland with Friends of Trees, an organization that builds community partnerships to plant, preserve, care for, and educate about urban trees.

Oregon Food Bank
On April 16th (at the Portland location), August 27th (both locations), and December 10th (both locations), 107IST members (and their friends and family members) volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank’s Portland and Beaverton locations, sorting and packing food for Oregon’s hungry. 107IST members and friends donated 384 total volunteer hours on those three dates.

Operation Pitch Invasion
On July 16th, 107IST members teamed up for a half-day restoration of two pitches at Portland’s Ed Benedict Park. On July 23rd and 30th, 107IST volunteers teamed up with Operation Pitch Invasion and AC Portland to transform the James John Elementary School blacktop playground into a small soccer field.

AC Portland
On July 8th, 107ISt members participated in the kickoff for Advantage Centers Portland, an organization dedicated to supporting soccer, scholarship, and service. 107IST volunteers have supported AC Portland through after work with local children in after school programs in seven Portland area schools targeted for improving academic achievement through supporting soccer and academics (and even a Poetry Slam!).

Sunday Parkways
On June 26th and August 28th, 107IST volunteers staffed various locations along travel routes for Portland Sunday Parkways, a periodic event which closes off designated Portland area streets to car traffic to encourage community building, connecting neighborhoods and people, and celebrating with music, food and fun.

In addition to these larger, group organized events, 107IST members have also donated countless efforts and volunteer hours to the community in other ways, and are eager to expand their volunteer horizons in 2012.

We are so grateful to our members, who give so generously of their time and money, to support the community we love. It is an honor to serve the 107IST, whose mission continues to be to support soccer in and around Portland, from the grassroots to the highest professional level, and to be the greatest football supporters the world has ever seen. Thank you!

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5 Responses to 107IST Community Outreach Review 2011

  1. Dave Petterson says:

    Absolutely fantastic. This may be a silly question, does the TA send out press releases?

    Let’s do better in 2012.

  2. It’s nice to see a year’s worth of hard work and dedication from our members summed up all in one place! Very proud.

  3. mike marcum says:

    This is the silverware that truly that counts!

  4. We were so honored to work with you guys this past year. Thanks for the wonderful suppport. The chanting of “Harper’s Playground” on the day you presented us with the check was something I shall never forget. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jim Serrill says:

    Thank you very much for your love and support. I am in much better shape in every regard.
    It is with great joy that I return $2000 to the 107ist. You are wonderful!

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