Just say no to scalpers

Without exploring the fine details of today’s little dust-up over single game tickets being pre-sold to season ticket holders, I think we can discuss one way of returning power to the people:

Ignoring scalpers.

Don’t buy from them.
Don’t sell to them.
Don’t acknowledge them.

I’m not about to start a new Occupy movement over this. I don’t want to start pointing fingers over who’s to blame for these tickets practically evaporating within minutes of release. But I do think that we, as members of the Timbers Army, have a responsibility of ensuring that any tickets we have in our possession (whether you’re a season ticket holder or not) are re-sold to those who are genuinely enthusiastic  about going to a Timbers match, rather than those who are more interested in making a profit at the expense of others.

I understand there’s a marketplace out there for tickets. Despite ticket prices increasing for “premium” matches (home opener, Seattle, Galaxy, etc.), it looks like people are still willing to pay more for those seats. I can’t blame them. It’s a hot ticket in this town, and market demand justifies it.

However, in order to maintain a sense of balance within the community, we must do what we can to ensure the “beautiful game” remains accessible to all. If you look around the world, this game is played by both rich and poor. If we start raising prices on our own tickets, we’re only diluting the quality of experience that we care so much about in the North End.

If you need to sell your tickets, do so by selling to friends, or asking around on Twitter or Facebook. Avoid reseller sites like StubHub. Even CraigsList is becoming a no-no. Put some elbow grease into it, and your effort will be greatly appreciated.

We may make fun of the east stands during games, but if we don’t maintain some order, those in the east stands will soon be joining us in the north.

This is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the 107ist or the TA.

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30 Responses to Just say no to scalpers

  1. Eric Berg says:

    What about the FO saying that there would be no TA GA ticket price increase in ’12? The premium match price makes it an empty pledge.

  2. Mike Coleman says:

    Something the Red Sox do is have a designated area for fans to resell tickets at the game for face value. I believe if you buy the ticket in that area you need to immediately enter the stadium (prevents scalpers from buying and then moving up the block).

  3. John Nyen says:

    51 TA tickets alone just for the opener on one of the “re-sale” sights. This morning was an utterly ridiculous farce.

  4. TRAVIS says:

    What about those who may have bought tickets today and may end up needing to sell those? Is the expectation we just sell the tickets at the usual face value of a season tix holder? I say no, we should sell those tix for what we paid so if we paid $25 plus $11 in ticketmaster fees we should be able to re-sell for $36 at the minimum. I agree profits should not be made but in this example $36-$40 for a re-sell seems more than acceptable.

    • Matthew Shields says:

      I doubt anyone would seriously complain about that. The point isn’t the money anyway.The real point is that you should be selling directly to the other fans, not to some middleman who’s just out there to make a buck.

      • David Jarvis says:

        Or even worse, say someone who will sell it to a Flounder fan. Nothing worse than going to Blazer/Laker games and seeing which season tix holders you have gotten to know sold their tix to make $ to Laker fans.

  5. Yaicha says:

    Is this because of Ticket Master? Why do you think management decided to use such a horrible company to sell its tickets? Isn’t there a huge markup?

    • Lane Scheideman says:

      Merritt tweeted that they are in their final year of the contract with Ticketmaster. Let’s hope that they really evaluate the best partner for all parties (and yes, the Timbers FO is the biggest part of that equation).

    • Matthew Shields says:

      Heh. That’s fabulous.

      As annoyed as we are about scalpers, can you imagine who much more pissed we’d all be if there were people scalping games for many times face value, and yet the FO was continuing to tarp off 20,000 seats per game?

      Also, it looks like Shittle is moving us this year? Folks on stubhub are selling tickets in the section we were in last year. Maybe they’re moving away supporters to the upper bowl. Wouldn’t mind if they did…

  6. Andrew Brawley says:


    Redacted due to shenanigans.

    • Brandon says:

      O.o I like this idea. It was kind of a pain for me to get rid of a couple of tickets last minute, last season on the team Facebook page and SCUSA. One game I ended up selling (for face value of course) at the last minute. Nobody at the Bitter End wanted just one ticket and I happened to walk past a guy who was negotiating with a scalper who wanted $80 for a crappy value terrace seat. I stepped in and offered the guy my extra and the scalper was ready to fight me. Started cussing at me and what not, it even attracted he attention of a police officer. The police officer had the nerve to accuse me of scalping. I pointed out to our fine public servant that the face value of the ticket was printed at $22.00 and I was offering it to this guy for $20 because I had a last minute cancellation. The officer left and I made one guy really happy. Good feeling by the way. Anyway my point is that scalpers often time are the easy path for people. They are standing around the stadium, they are loud and easy to spot. I think we can put them out of business by creating and getting the word out there are better and just as convenient ways of getting tickets.

  7. I waited patiently at my computer this morning, hoping to snag tickets to some of the marquee games this season, as well as any/all the others I could. Was forced to buy tickets off Stubhub all last year while sitting on the waiting list for season tickets. I caught about eight games, but hated the prices I was forced to pay on there, so I WAS excited as a season ticket wait list member to get a chance to buy tickets this morning. Come to find out that all the “big” games were sold out already and tickets for other games were sparse. I was able to get a pair of tickets to four games, which I am excited about for sure, but I know four games won’t be enough to feed my fix:) It’s frustrating because I was willing to pay full Timbers-price to go to just about every game had the process been smoother. Even more frustrating I look on Stubhub now and there are tickets going for double the price already. So now I will sit at home for three quarters of the season while scalpers make a ton of cash off the select fans who are able to afford the outrageous resale prices for the rest of the games. Okay rant over, thanks for listening. RCTID

    • David Jarvis says:

      I paid slightly above face for 2 games (non-preimum) and a bit more than that for a Flounder match from someone I know who can’t go this morning.

      Funny note btw, Stub Hub fees<TM fees.

  8. David Garcia says:

    The FO should go Wilco style. Buy 2 ticket limit buy in person with ID. Pick up at gate opening with said ID. Enter right into stadium.

  9. Zachary Semerikov says:

    Yep. I had CPR training all day and when I came home at 3 to get tickets. Nothing. Nada. I always want to get extra tickets for friends and family (bought extra tickets to the 4 biggest games last year, and a group package to the Galaxy game for coworkers/friends) and the FO does not even care. Oh well, I guess on the bright side, I am saving money but not introducing anyone else to the beauty of the game. Sigh…

  10. Travis Bullard says:

    1 question and one suggestion.

    q: WTF happened with this presale… anyone have answers?
    I have no idea what happened today but know trying three times to get tickets (once at 10am, once at 4:30 and once around 8:00pm)

    s: i’m up for this pact to give nothing to scalpers and stub hub. In addition, what about season ticket holders calling their ticket reps. to get answers and maybe restitution? My ticket rep was so personable and helpful last season and I hear from others. perhaps this is futile?

  11. Michael says:

    Tickets on stubhub have dropped from $40 on monday to $24 on thursday for home opener. 417 available. I think by saturday, there will be a lot of tickets at $20, as there is a lot of supply right now. Craigslist has even dropped from $40 to $25. Thats basically face. Last year, there were many tickets available (end of season) below face on craigslist day of game. I watch this a lot as I sometimes need an extra ticket to add to my 2 season tickets. Typically, hours before the game is the best time to buy from craigslist.

  12. Joe McDonald says:

    What about the fact the the Timbers completely “whore” themselves to ticket brokers both nationally, and locally. With out the brokers your crappy team couldn’t sell out your crappy tickets. The timbers make a crap ton of money selling a multitude of tickets to people they absolutely know they are going to resell. Plus the timbers themselves I guarantee are holding back tickets to purposely sell on a “resale” site for a giant premium. You don’t thnk it’s possible google MLB contract with stubhub, and I find it funny that stubhub is owned by live nation. You cheap hippies want to give scalping a bad name but you precious teams you sweat blood and tears over are the sole reason that ticket prices are so inflated. Deal with it people apparently you have never been to a real sports town that holds more than two crappy almost sports teams. Also ask yourself this have I ever sold tickets for more than face value…..exactly hipocrites!

      • Joe McDonald says:

        Well played, did you manage to find that while drinking a pabst blue ribbon watching reruns of the timbers inaugural season, and old news footage of the Greg Oden max ride into pioneer square? Face is ta fans are pissed because now they have to trade off more food stamps than normal just to watch their team lose a kickball. Enjoy, it doesn’t get much better than “keep Portland weird”…

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