MLS Double Standards

Every once in a while I find myself shaking my head at the league. This is one of those times. Here’s a screen cap of

That may seem pretty innocent to you. Upon further inspection it doesn’t get so innocent. First of all that’s a picture of neither LA’s or Vancouver’s supporters groups. That’s a picture of the Timbers Army in Salt Lake City last year. Second of all, and more specifically, that’s a picture of the Timbers Army lighting flares in Salt Lake City.

If the league is going to insist on bans for people who light flares, smoke, and is so inept they can’t get a universal flag/tifo policy in place that works league wide the least they could do would be to talk to the marketing department and tell them not to use pictures of supporters doing things that will get them banned by the league. It’s a gigantic double standard that for some reason the suits at the league just don’t understand. On one hand the marketing folks think it looks awesome and really shows how edgy the league is. On the other hand they’ve hired outside consultants from all over the world to tell them how to discipline supporters groups for lighting flares/smoke and actively discourage it.

So I can’t wait for the homepage of MLSSoccer to be updated for Houston’s second round match against KC. Here’s the picture MLS marketing/design folks. Just grab it from a screen cap of this video. It seems to fit the bill for something that you guys would use in a promo video.

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18 Responses to MLS Double Standards

  1. DPM says:

    We’ve seen this in Chicago before, too. The club and league have had promos and even commemorative print photos for sale of past flarings.


    Funny, I was there for both of these events. *Neither of these are my photos/videos. I agree with the double standard and the league should not be using that TA photo from SLC to promote anything, as it resulted in people being arrested and banned from games/stadium… There seems to be a total disconnect between different groups in the FOs, between the fans and their FOs, between FOs themselves and between the FOs and the league. We all need to work together, ALL of us to make this league successful. All the stakeholders involved should sit down together once a year (at least) and hash things out.

    Thanks for writing this.

  3. SMP says:

    Maybe I am a bit slow, but what does the screen capture have to do with the rest of the article?

  4. KaneVonDoom says:

    As an RSL fan at that game, those who were charged from TA or arrested should demand reimbursement from the MLS for promoting those very actions..

  5. Steve says:

    They should have asked me. I’ve got far better pictures of the flares at the RSL v Portland game. You can even see ****** *** and *** ******* in the photo!

    Have to agree with Garrett’s serious point though. It seems silly to ban people for an activity and then use the evidence to promote the same activity when it suits.

  6. SMP says:

    It looks like it is no longer on the site. I wonder if they frequently rotate their background, or they received negative feedback\saw this?

  7. Julie Linn says:

    And the graphic has been removed…

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  9. Steve says:

    Next thing you know a FO might ban confetti. But no way that could EVER happen. That would just be CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!

  10. Sean says:

    I agree there is a double standard. Banning people for lighting flares on more than one occasion and having pictures of them outside of Jeld-Wen is crazy! ;)

  11. UTLR says:

    MLS clubs using images of things they would ban a supporter for? Well guys, it’s finally happened…MLS HAS ARRIVED!!!! Seriously, this is nothing new in the world of football.

  12. R-Tribe says:

    Honestly wish more games were like this. Either way it’s a double standard. MLS, it’s players, AND it’s fans needs to decide what it whats.

  13. MrOnionbags says:

    Salt Lake fan that was at the match where Timbers Army set the Riot ablaze. It was the coolest thing ever! I am now a huge fan of the Timbers and Timbers Army. Video of Timbers Army light up the SLC

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