The Stadium in the Hollow – The Historic Goose Hollow Stadium

(From Stephan Lewis)

We are very excited to announce the first presentation in what we hope will be a series celebrating the rich cultural history that we celebrate in the Timbers Army. Resident historian and scholar Tracy J. Prince, PHD of the PSU Humanities Department, has offered to give us a presentation of some amazing historical photos of the earliest days of Portland and the creation of the Goose Hollow Stadium from Multnomah Field to what is now called Jeld-Wen Field.

The Timbers stadium was built at the epicenter of the now infilled gulch/hollow, where Goose Hollow got its name. Come learn the history of the creek that carved out Tanner Creek Gulch—the natural amphitheater where the stadium was built; the tannery that once occupied the site—with tannery vats still buried underneath the stadium; the Chinese farmers who grew produce on 21 acres around the gulch; the Native American encampments in the gulch where Alder Street runs today; the squabbling Irish immigrant women who fought over their intermingled flocks of geese that roamed freely through the neighborhood; and hear stories of the Goose Hollow Gang and their exploits as the original OG of the Hollow. Historian Tracy Prince lives in the neighborhood. She dug around in Oregonian, Oregon Historical Society, and private collectors’ archives to find many never-before-seen photos of the earliest days of Portland for her 2011 book Portland’s Goose Hollow. This research has given her keen insight into the history of our sacred place as TA and she is excited to share it with us.

As the community outreach efforts of the Timbers Army/107ist have been continuing to grow, we have been developing a strong relationship with the Goose Hollow neighborhood, the home of our beloved Timbers. As a part of this, we have been helping to fund a street sign capping project in the Hollow to help designate its boundaries to both visitors and residents. The manufacture of the signs is complete; however, there is still a shortfall in funding for the installation costs. We are hoping to further close this gap with your help. The event is free, but we will happily take donations for the streen sign capping project, along with donations for raffle tickets for TA swag.

Hotel deLuxe has generously offered to host this event in their screening room. The hotel has a bar across the beautiful lobby from the screening room for refreshments and an intermission will be included to allow for top-offs. NOTE: Although the event is free, the screening room has a seating capacity of 100 so, space will be limited. Be sure to sign up to save your spot.

Here’s the link to the (free) Eventbrite sign up

Hope to see you there!

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4 Responses to The Stadium in the Hollow – The Historic Goose Hollow Stadium

  1. Kyle says:

    This is awesome! Thanks Sheba and Stephan for bringing this to out attention. Is there a specific amount of money that needs to be raised, or is it variable?

    • Stephanzy says:

      We are still waiting on an exactish quote from the city for the costs of installation. Given the large variation of techniques to be used, the exact costs are hard to pin down. Thanks to our donation, the GHFL now have the signs from the manufacturer and are waiting on the city to schedule the install.

      The whole project had an original estimate of just under $15K. Grants from the City, which Dr. Prince wrote, covered a large portion and a bunch of businesses had given donations in the $100-$200 range, prior to our involvement. Our donation started a really cool face-off between some other notable institutions in the Hollow. The MAC raised their contribution by $1000 and Ken Puckett matched with $1000 from the Timbers FO. Based on the rough estimate from the city and my notes (official minutes won’t drop until later in the month), we’re still between $520 (unlikely) and well over $1000 short. Donations from the event at Hotel deLuxe could put our next contribution around that range.

      As a side note, Dr. Prince also spearheaded the campaign for all those Goose Hollow banner flags you see in the neighborhood.

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