Volunteer Opportunity: End of Season Tree Planting with Friends of Trees

107ist partners with Friends of Trees and the PTFC to plant Trees for Goals in SE Portland on Saturday, December 7th.

2013 has been a truly special season for the Portland Timbers.  Over the past year we have seen the Timbers go from our beloved perennial underdogs to one of the strongest teams in the top league of the land.  Moreover, the foundation has been laid for our continued success well into the future.  Come join us as we reflect on and celebrate this great season by planting trees for the team’s goals of the 2013 campaign.  The FO is letting us request which goals we would like to plant the trees for so, write your comments below on which goals were your personal favorites.  Since there is no shortage of “top goal” lists, let’s focus on those that meant the most to us and/or had the most memorable celebrations.

 If you are a 107ist member, be sure to use the promotion code you received in the recent members-only email so you can be a part of our group.  All 107ist members that attend will receive a special gift reflective of the season.  If you are a part of a group that wants to attend, make sure each 107ist member signs up individually to make sure we bring enough gift items. 

 If you are not a 107ist member, don’t worry, we would be happy for you to join us.  Also, don’t feel left out that you don’t get one of our gifts.  The Timbers’ Stand Together Team will be bringing some swag too. 

 More than goals and gifts, planting trees has a direct impact on the health and livability of our neighborhoods and, there is nothing like seeing a kid come out of a home we’re planting at knowing that they’ll watch it grow remembering that it was planted by the TA.  Our relationship with Friends of Trees is at a point that they call on our help when they are doing plantings in lower income neighborhoods with disadvantaged populations that typically have a lower turnout for volunteer activities.  This is such an event as they are planting 255 trees in eight neighborhoods of Southeast Portland and asked for our help even before the FO was involved. For our part, we will be focusing on the Woodstock, Brentwood-Darlington, and Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhoods which often have lower turnouts.  As we go into these neighborhoods we are able to be visible, make connections, and build the social capital that we can later draw on when we want to do a project that more directly reflects our mission to promote soccer from the grass roots.  Your involvement is essential and we hope you can join us.  

 In addition, there is still a need for pickup trucks to follow the planting crews with trees and supplies.  On the opposite side, this planting will have some “bike only” crews riding around.  If you’d like to be a part of a bike crew or have a pickup you can bring, hit the “contact the organizer” button on the Eventbrite signup and we’ll be sure to get you properly situated.

 While this event is scheduled to be done at 1:00, if we get enough volunteers, we should be able to finish early.  If you’re planning to watch the MLS Cup Final, we’ll be pushing to give you time to get to a viewing location.  We’re currently working to organize a viewing site close to the area we’ll be planting in but, don’t have everything worked out yet.  We’ll keep you posted.

 For the details and to sign up, check here for 107ist members


And here for non-members


We’ll be starting up at 8:45 so show up early and have some coffee, breakfast snacks, and good times before we get started.

 We hope to see you out there!

 Onward, Rose City.

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21 Responses to Volunteer Opportunity: End of Season Tree Planting with Friends of Trees

  1. Stephanzy says:

    I’ll go ahead and start. Futty’s goal to make it 3-0 against the Flounders in the 47′ that completely destroyed all hope in the fishing village. Not only is Futty a great person who has worked hard for the badge as one of the only USL Timbers still around but, we were partying so hard CapAp high fived my Timber Dog and it went flying accross the aisle and down several rows. If you got mustard on you, I’m sure you didn’t care.

  2. Irek Wielgosz says:

    What’s the password?

    This event is password-protected
    The host of this event has elected to password-protect these details. If you’d like to see more, please enter the password below.

  3. Nels Hesseldahl says:

    Excellent suggestion Steph. Personally I’d like to start with Futty’s goal scored in our last game against RSL. Which was totally a goal. TOTALLY.

    Please add Nagbe’s stunner against Dallas at home to the list. I was so completely convinced that the BS bunker mentality of Dallas was going to lead to another damn draw. To be proven wrong in such spectacular fashion was amazing. Still has my vote for goal of the year.

  4. Stephanzy says:

    I’d also have to nominate AJB’s stoppage time game winner against LA. We were crazy loud all the way to the rafters and the celebration was the longest sustained dance party in the North End that I have ever seen. Ever.

  5. Lindsay Weber says:

    This one might seem random, but I’d like to nominate Nagbe’s goal against SKC in April. In the 3-2 road win his was the 2-2 equalizer. If you watch him start his run, it starts in the midfield and he is FLYING to stay square with RJ. Flying so much that the pass is just behind his stride and he has to fall in the goal to score it. Kinda funny looking finish, still love it and makes me laugh.
    5:15 here:

  6. Leo says:

    Has to be AJB’s goal over LA in July. In the middle of a slump, going against a team that was surging once more, we held firm in the standings and finally for the first time in our existence cemented ourselves above LA Galaxy in the standings.

  7. Kelly Dews says:

    If I can get my brakes fixed this weekend I have a truck to offer.

  8. Seth Nicholson says:

    I would like to nominate Will Johnson’s free kick vs. SJ. I was sitting below the loltras and to hear them silenced was wonderful.

  9. Quentin Contreras says:

    I signed up and just noticed after the fact. I do have a truck and it is available if needed.

  10. john hoke says:

    Are sign-ups closed ?

  11. Jon Stanley says:

    I want to nominate Urruti’s first goal as a Timber in a 1-0 win against LA. Has to be the greatest goal celebration he has ever heard!

  12. Jim Brown says:

    Do you have an address on where we need to meet?

  13. Harper Morgan-Werner says:


    WHERE: We will be meeting at Reedwood Friends Church, 2901 SE Steele St, Portland, OR 97202 Look for the white Friends of Trees signs

    We’ll be planting in the following neighborhoods: Brentwood-Darlington, Mt. Scott-Arleta, Woodstock, and Brooklyn

    WHEN: Saturday, December 7th — please meet by 8:45am at the staging site listed above. The event will be done about 1:00pm

    WHAT: Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear sturdy shoes or boots. We’ll be planting 255 street trees in the above 6 neighborhoods and are really grateful for the support the Timbers Army can bring to make this event happen!

    WHAT ELSE: Friends of Trees will provide gloves, tools, and planting guidance, as well as light breakfast refreshments and coffee. There will also be a warm potluck lunch for all volunteers at the end of the planting provided by the hosting neighborhood groups — we hope you can stay for it!

  14. Ryan Leighton says:

    Looks like I missed the sign up window as well. I plan to be there and have my truck we could use, although it has a shell on it.

  15. Clay Wesson says:

    Just wondering what you guys will do in case of weather, looks like the ground may be frozen and tought digging. Also what type of trees are being planted? I run and manage a Native Plant Nursery in McMinnville and would be interested in donating trees in the future. Such a great cause and big fan of the Timbers and the TA. Who would be a point person I could contact? Thanks, RCTID!

    • Stephanzy says:

      The holes are already dug and the trees are at the staging area. We’re still moving forward. If some people can’t make it, it just means smaller crews and less standing around.

      I can get back to you on the donation front if you can’t make it tomorrow. Otherwise, find me and I’ll point you in the right direction.

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